Office Relocation Made Easy: Your Moving Office Checklist

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Office Relocation

Office relocation is a major undertaking for any business. It can be costly, time-consuming, and stressful for the employees who are moving to their new office space. To keep your company running smoothly during this process, it’s important to create a checklist of tasks that need to be completed before you move into your new office.

An office moving day checklist can help ensure that all the necessary tasks are completed on time. But every office or warehouse or factory is different. There’s no definitive checklist for each and every office relocation, but we’ve outlined the essential steps to take when moving office.

Our Moving Office Checklist for Office Relocation

1. Start by decluttering your office space. Get rid of any unnecessary or unused items to make the move easier.

This includes old inventory that needs to be moved, damaged items that are no longer usable, and any extra office furniture or equipment. You can donate or sell these items to a local charity if they’re still in good condition.

2. Label all boxes with what room they should go in at the new office. This will help when you start unpacking.

Labelling boxes before moving office is an absolute must.

After you move office, you’re going to need to set up your new workspace and put every box into the right room – or else things will quickly get chaotic in the new office space.

Labelling boxes before moving office is a great way to ensure everything gets back exactly where it belongs.  

For more labelling and packing tips, see our blog on how to pack for a move.

3. If possible, try to schedule the move for a time that suits the majority of your employees.

Moving offices can often be stressful on employees, so ensure that your office relocation is set for a date that suits them.

Inform employees about what they need to do in preparation for the move as far ahead of time as possible. Make a schedule for moving office if necessary, and be sure to keep your employees updated.

If any employees are responsible for physically moving equipment, furniture or boxes, also inform them about what they need to do in preparation for the move. If possible, try to spread out heavy tasks like these among your employees so that you don’t inconvenience anyone when moving offices.

4. Hire a Commercial Moving Company

If you are moving your office to another building, it may seem like a huge task. Many companies can provide services that will help make this daunting job easier for you. There are two main benefits of hiring a commercial moving company: experience and communication.

At Gentle Giant Removals & Relocations, we have experience with all types of office moves. We have a team of workers that can move you quickly and efficiently.

Our focus is reducing the downtime for your business, which is why we constantly communicate with you to allow you to keep your team informed about the upcoming office move so no one is surprised.

5. When unpacking, it’s best to set up your computers, printers and other office equipment first. This will save you time when trying to get some work done in the new office.

When it comes to moving office, some items should be unpacked first while others can wait until later on.

For example, unpacking printers, computers and other office equipment should be done first because these are the most essential items for getting work done. Other office supplies can wait until later on, so you don’t need to unpack them right away.

6. Don’t forget to let your clients know about your change in office space.

Even if you plan to keep your same phone number and contact information, be sure to inform them of any changes in the office location.

This is an often-overlooked task, and it’s important for businesses to let their clients know about the office relocation.

Notifying clients of your change in office space – and that you still have the same phone number and contact information – will help avoid potential confusion or misunderstandings as a result of the move.

Check out the ASIC guide to changing company addresses here.

6. Get Back To Work! Just kidding, relax and enjoy the move for a little bit when everything is complete!

By the time you’ve finished packing and unpacking your office supplies, it should be safe to sit back and relax for a little bit. But if there are any items that still need unpacking, now is the time to do it.

Having completed all of these steps, hopefully moving office has been made easy for you – and now it’s time to get settled into the new workspace!

Need Help With An Office Relocation?

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