Furniture removal in the Central Coast


  • How much notice of my moving date is required?

    Two or three weeks are optimal to guarantee a truck and team is available for the time you would prefer, although Gentle Giant has got the resources to move you almost immediately if the urgency arises.
  • How are charges worked out?

    Gentle Giant works around reasonable hourly rates, though if possible it is advised to take advantage of our free quote for a firm price. This allows us to know more about your move on the day and its requirements.
  • How does Gentle Giant protect my furniture?

    Gentle Giant’s very skilful staff have all the equipment to relocate your treasures in and out of the truck where they are carefully wrapped in quilted pads and stowed in a careful safe measure.
  • What cannot be taken?

    Flammables such as: - Paints - Gas bottles - Thinners - Fuels
  • What if our home is not ready when it is time to move?

    Gentle Giant will arrange storage facilities that will safely house your treasures until such a time when delivery is possible in to your new home.
  • Does Gentle Giant dismantle and reassemble items?

    Gentle Giant as a matter of course disconnects and reconnects fridges, washing machines, and dryers. Dismantle and reassemble beds, desks etc… within their hourly rate, or included in the quoted price.
  • Does your company pack our possessions?

    Gentle Giant can supply all packing requirements, as well as have an experienced crew who can pack and unpack for you if you desire.
  • Does gentle giant offer a cleaning service?

    Gentle Giant has a series of cleaning options from a professional whisk to a comprehensive clean.

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