20-Point Checklist: The Advanced Guide To Moving House

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Moving House Checklist

Moving house is not easy. If only there was some sort of moving house checklist …

But what’s this?

We’ve created this 20-point moving house to do list to keep you on track while moving. 

When you’ve got a moving house checklist like this handy, everything will surely get done between now and the big day, leaving you with enough time to enjoy every moment of it.

Your Moving House Checklist

  1. Get organised

You can be as organised as you like, but the very best moves are done with a clear plan in mind. This means becoming very practical and precise about what’s needed during the move. This includes working out the before, during and after proceedings surrounding your move. The very first thing you can do is create a moving document folder and put in it all your important information, such as utility bills, addresses, contracts, rental agreements, school records – all that necessary and legal stuff. Tick it off your checklist. Also make sure you have a helpful group of people willing to assist with your move, and know which unhelpful characters you should avoid.

  1. Do an audit of everything you own

Once you’ve done that, start going from room-to-room, identifying all the things you have and marking things you will take with you, donate or throw out. Be brutal here. The less items you have to physically move, the cheaper and faster your move will be. Start sorting items into categories for when you pack them to make it easier when unpacking them at the other end.

  1. Book leave for your move

Don’t forget moving can be a major time suckage. Notify your employer you will need the day to complete your move so you can be on hand to facilitate the process. Many people move house on the weekend to avoid needing to take time off, while some may arrange for a removalist to complete the job without needing to be on the scene themselves. If you do decide to move on a working day, let your employer know well in advance.

  1. Hire a removalist

It’s your checklist. Of course, we recommend you leave moving house to the professionals, but there are some undeniable benefits of hiring a removals company like Gentle Giant:

Everything is usually loaded and carried in a single trip – including the heavy stuffMoving companies like us employ trained, permanent staff who are fully insuredWe know how to make the most of space in the truckRemovalists can handle your move quickly, saving you precious time

Contact Gentle Giant today for a no-obligation, free quote and make your move a stress-free one.

  1. Gather packing boxes

Organise how you will physically pack your belongings. Get these in advance, plus all the packing materials and start labelling everything. You can arrange for wardrobe boxes and others of varying sizes, but the key is to have everything on hand to protect your stuff from breakage and to be able to find things when you unpack at the new place. We offer prepacking and optional unpacking if required by our professional staff (call us on 0404 958 455). Our porta robes are available on request and boxes, tape and bubble wrap are free with a refundable deposit if you move with us. If you’re moving yourself, we sell packing boxes at a reasonable price. With Gentle Giant, we use 3-ply cardboard, which is much tougher material than most used by others. Contact us for details.

  1. Cull and pack

Once everything is in its right category, you can start to donate your unwanted items to friends and charity, or arrange a council pickup for your other items. Remember, less stuff to transport means a cheaper and faster move for you. If we’re doing your packing for you, we’ll let you know when we will be there to complete the job. Keep your most useful items handy and pack these last.

  1. Reduce food shopping

Start winding down on the perishable food purchases. You’re going to be moving your fridge at some point, so keep your cold food items to a minimum to avoid them spoiling or creating a mess during your move. You will save more money this way.

  1. Update your address details/records

Now things are starting to get serious. Let us count the ways your address may appear out in the wild and start notifying all the government bodies, etc of your new details. Don’t leave this until the last minute, or you’ll find you’ll be chasing people up for weeks post-move. You can view our change of address checklist here.

These are the key people and organisations to notify:

  • Banks and any other financial institutions
  • Service NSW (update your driver’s licence)
  • The Australian Electoral Commission
  • Your superannuation fund
  • The Australian Taxation Office
  • Tax and legal advisors
  • Medical & dental practitioners
  • Clubs, associations and other groups
  • Your children’s school
  • Any subscription services
  • Online shopping websites
  • Friends and family 
  1. Redirect your mail/set up a PO Box

If your new property is not set up to receive mail, you can contact Australia Post to organise for them to redirect, hold your mail, or set up a PO Box. The aim should be to cancel or redirect your other regular deliveries and subscriptions so you don’t miss anything. Return your library books!

  1.  Pay any outstanding bills

Your checklist is looking good so far. Aim for a fresh start at your new place. Make sure all your rent and utilities are paid and up-to-date. Don’t leave it to organisations to chase you up and incur late payment fines because you didn’t organise payments sooner.

  1. Make a note of meter readings

For renters, keep a note of your water and electricity and gas meter readings for your records and future reference should any disputes arise after your move.

  1. Organise any insurance

You should consider getting insurance, whether you are purchasing or renting. If anything does not arrive at your new property in its original condition, then you can ask your provider for cover during your move. Talk with your removalist about insurance options and to discuss items of particular concern.

  1. Sort out your utilities

Disconnect your gas, electricity and water supplies for your date of move. Make sure they’re all connected at your new address, and all your details are updated.

  1. Get rid of any hazardous materials

Flammables, such as paints, gas bottles, thinners and fuels cannot be transported. Organise with your local council on the safest way to dispose of these items prior to your move.

  1. Organise storage if necessary

Gentle Giant will arrange storage facilities that will safely house your treasures until such a time when delivery is possible into your new home. For larger items, or if your new place is not set up for all your belongings, research storage options local to your new property.

  1. Clean or arrange cleaners

Gentle Giant has a series of cleaning options from a professional whisk to a comprehensive clean. We have a service that can provide a professional whisk through to a complete sanitised clean to meet any requirements. Yard work is also available. Add us to your checklist. Call us for a quote.

  1. Do a final sweep of your old property 

You’ll probably forget something. It’s Murphy’s Law. But it doesn’t hurt to do one last check of your old pace to see you’re not missing anything. Lock all doors and windows, turn off hot water systems, power etc and make sure everything is in order before you leave your old home for good.

  1. Ask a neighbour to check for mail you’ve missed

Prior to your new occupants moving in, if you have an option for a friend or neighbour to field any correspondence that might arrive at your old address, it’s a good backup to ensuring you don’t miss anyone you may have forgotten to notify.

  1. Book a locksmith to change locks on a new property

For your own security, safety, and peace of mind, remember to organise a locksmith to come out and put new locks in the doors and windows of your new property. 

  1. Check out your new neighbourhood

Before you start unpacking everything. Take a break. Step out into your neighbourhood and get to know the place a bit. Meet your new neighbours! Also, keep your checklist for your next move. 😉