Tips and Tricks for Moving Homes in the Rain

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Moving homes can be a stressful process, and if it is raining on the day of your big move then things can feel even more chaotic!

The great news is, there’s no need to panic! With a few of our tips and tricks on moving house in the rain you can make sure that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

What can go wrong if moving on a rainy day?

Rain can cause a number of problems for your move. First of all, tracking water and mud in on your wet shoes can affect the floors or carpets of your new house. There is also a risk that items will become wet, damaged or even ruined if left out in the rain during transport, so it’s important to ensure everything is covered and properly secured.

Will removalists still work if it is raining?

Yes, removalists from Gentle Giants will still work even if it’s raining. As long as you are adequately prepared for the rain and have taken the necessary precautions to protect your items, your move can still go ahead.

If the weather is so severe that it isn’t safe to drive (very rare!) your move might need to be delayed or postponed.

Tips to minimise complications while moving in the rain

Take it slow and steady

Rainy days can play havoc with schedules and make moving house a bigger challenge than usual. This is why it’s important to take the process step-by-step, ensuring everything is done in an orderly fashion. Moving items in heavier rain may require more careful manoeuvring, as well as extra grip and help from your removalist.

While your focus is obviously going to be on protecting your belongings, remember to also protect yourself! Wet weather increases the chances of slipping or tripping, so slow and steady definitely wins the race.

Wear protective shoes

In rainy moving conditions, ditch the sandals or canvas shoes and look to wear some sturdy boots. When you are moving heavy items, it is more difficult to keep your balance on slippery floors, so the extra grip will go a long way to helping you and your moving buddies stay upright.

Make sure the parking space is clear

When moving house in the rain, you don’t want to waste time figuring out where the truck is parked. Make sure there’s an empty spot in your driveway or parking area for the removalist. The closer they can park to your property, the less you have to worry about slippery floors and rain damage.

You’ll also save time on each box and piece of furniture that needs to be carried from the truck into your house!

Consider using the garage

Although it may seem logical to park closest to the entrance, sometimes this is not the best option for your truck. If there is a large distance between the entrance and the parking space, or if there are too many steps leading from the entrance to the truck, you should consider another route.

Another advantage of the garage is it’s a route that will protect you and your belongings from getting wet. Remember, the more of your route that is under cover, the better!

Cover delicate and furniture items

Personal belongings such as furniture and electronics should always be stored away under a cover to protect them from rain damage. If you have any form of waterproofing, like tarps or covers, put them to good use even when there isn’t a chance of rain.

It’s also not a bad idea to keep your mattress and sofa covered in case they get dirty. These items are especially susceptible to damage when moving house in the rain, because lingering damp can cause later mould growth.

Protect your boxes

Packing your belongings in plastic or waterproof boxes is more reliable during rainy weather and can better protect your items during transport. Strong plastic tubs are great to use for items that you want to keep in your garage or shed for long-term storage. Just remember, they are also more expensive.

If waterproof boxes aren’t an option, you can still use cardboard, you just need to be more prepared. When taping up your moving boxes, be generous with the amount of tape you use. Pay extra attention to the bottom of heavy boxes. Wet weather can cause weak spots in the sealant, so go over the seams multiple times.

Using old towels, sheets or rags

When moving house in the rain you want to avoid making a mess however you can. It’s best to lay down old towels or sheets at the entrance of your home on moving day. This will protect both your new and old homes from dirt and water being tracked inside.

Use garbage bags

For items that aren’t too heavy, garbage bags can be excellent to use in order to protect your things from the rain. For example, if you have children they can be perfect for transporting teddy bears without ruining them along the way. They are also a great idea for clothes, linen and lounge cushions.

Expect some things to be out of your control

Even with the best preparation and tips, sometimes things are just outside of your control. For example, when it rains traffic usually picks up and trucks should drive more carefully.. Unfortunately, this means that your move will take a bit longer than you initially thought. Though this is normal, safety always comes first.

Hire a professional removalist company to make your move easier

To ensure that your move is as stress-free as possible, even with the rain, consider hiring a professional removalist company. At Gentle Giant Removals and Relocations, we’re here to make moving in the rain a breeze.

Our experienced removalists have seen it all, and our trucks are designed to keep your belongings safe and dry. Plus, we offer a wide range of services so that you can pick the one that best suits your needs including packing, insurance and storage options.

At Gentle Giant Removals and Relocations, we provide a safe and easy way to move on even the rainiest of days. Contact us today to begin your stress free moving experience!