Moving With Kids: 12 Tips For Getting The Whole Family From A-B

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Couple packing for moving with kids

We’ve said it a thousand times, moving is stressful. 

So the thought of moving with kids can be extremely daunting. 

It doesn’t matter if they’re six months’ old or 16 years’ old, moving with a kid of any age presents its own set of tough challenges.

But don’t be overwhelmed, moving into a new home should be a fun experience, especially for your kids. 

We’ve put together the top 12 tips to ensure you and your kids settle in nicely at your new home!

Explore Within Our Moving With Kids Guide:

Moving With Babies & Toddlers

  1. Be Prepared

Moving always requires preparation, and even more so when you have a little rugrat that requires your attention 24/7. Plan for your move well ahead of schedule to save you the stress and sleepless nights closer to moving day. Having our moving house checklist on hand will be helpful too!

It’s also a good idea to prepare a “baby essentials” box for the move. This way, it can be one of the first boxes you unpack to prevent any baby chaos. Here’s a list of useful items to include:

  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Spare clothes
  • Bottles
  • Dummies
  • Toys
  • Formula
  1. Take Plenty Of Snuggle Breaks

A big day of moving is bound to overwhelm and tire your precious little one. So make sure you take some timeouts from unpacking boxes to give them some much needed snuggles and affection. 

Not only will it help calm the baby, but it will be good for your sanity to take a few breaks as well!

  1. Babyproof The New House

There’s nothing more precious than your kids, so you’ll want to make your new home as safe as possible.

This means getting sharp objects and medicine out of reach, putting safety guards up on stairs, and removing any other potential household hazards.

  1. Ask For Help

Don’t be too shy to ask for help. Moving is super tough, and asking close friends and family for a helping hand will keep you from stressing about too many things at once.

Getting someone to take on babysitting duties for a little bit will free up your time to get your new house looking in tip-top shape!

  1. Hire A Professional Removalist

To remove all the hassle of moving with kids, it’s best to hire a professional removalist. 

At Gentle Giant Removals & Relocations, we’ll assist with the move from start to finish, we’ll get you packed up and we’ll get you set up in your new home too. To check out all of our services, head to our removal services page

Moving With Kids in Preschool & Primary School

  1. Set Up Their Bedrooms First

Moving with kids of this age is bound to get them overexcited! 

Setting up their new bedrooms first will not only be a blast for them, but also you won’t have to worry a couple hours later when they inevitably crash and need somewhere to sleep.

  1. Let Them Run Wild With Boxes

If there’s one thing all kids love, it’s boxes.

When you’re unpacking, be sure to chuck a few boxes their way and that should keep them entertained and out of your way for a while!

  1. Keep Routines

It’s easy to slip out of a routine through the whole moving process. Your kids might be staying up a little later while you’re unpacking, or maybe they aren’t having dinner at the usual time.

It’s important to try to maintain the same sleeping and eating routines, because it can quickly impact your child’s habits and moods if their routine is thrown off. 

  1. Make It An Adventure

However stressful moving with kids may be, it’s equally as exciting. Moving into a new home is an adventure for your child, so make sure it’s a fun one for them!

Let them help pack boxes. Let them guess which house you’re moving into when you pull into your new street. Let them explore the new house. Let them have fun!

Moving With Teenagers

  1. Talk About It

Although teenagers are (mostly) more mature than the younger kids, it’s often more difficult to make a move with them, especially if it’s to a new area.

This is why it’s important to talk to them about the move beforehand, explain why it’s happening, and also listen to their concerns. 

Changing locations and schools can be scary for them, so make sure you’re there for them to help them settle in.

  1. Don’t Throw Out Their Things

That pile of random things that’s been stashed away under your teenager’s bed for years, surely you don’t need to pack that, right?

 It might look like rubbish to you, but it could be a treasure to them!

When packing for a move, don’t make the mistake of throwing out your teenager’s stuff without asking them first. Or else you could be at risk of the dreaded silent treatment for a few days.

  1.  Help Them Make Friends & Keep Friends

The most vital aspect of moving with a teenager is to make sure they make new friends as soon as possible, whilst not losing touch with their old friends.

The moving blues often hit teenagers the hardest, and not being around friends can have an impact on their mental health.

Get your teenager involved in things they enjoy doing, whether it be school activities, sport, art, or anything else. Soon enough they’ll have a new group of friends and will be happy they made the move!

Still Worried About Moving With Kids? Bring in the Pros!

If you’re planning to move your family into a new house in the near future, contact the professional removalists at Gentle Giant Removal & Relocations today for a free, no-obligation quote.

We’ll take the stress out of moving, while you and your family can focus on settling into your new home!